Anthropologie Window Display–The concept of Romance-part one

24 Jun

  • Although there is no clothes, this window looks inviting because it feels festive due to the confetti that looks like it falling.
  • In the center, it shows the name of the store.
  • Anthropologie uses white as their main color so as to create a concept of Romance.

  • It looks like a forest that goes from yellow to blue in a gradient and it even looks like a sky above it.
  • I am into this color palette because it is nature, and it reminds me of the spring.

  • The background of this one looks like giant cloth necklaces that go from blue to yellow. The white clothes in front of the blue background causes in to pop out. In addition to the white outfit, there is a yellow one and one that is a combination of white and yellow. The yellow color of the outfits are very similar to the color of the background of wall.


  • The structure that goes from orange to yellow looks like a flower petals or possibly like a honeycomb.
  • No matter bees or honeycomb, both are symbols of spring.

  • There is a flock of plastic white birds curving up and around the clothes. The light makes shadows of the birds against the wall.
  • The birds seem to go on forever because of the shadow.
  • I think this one is really very special. It is very simple yet the shadows allow the display becoming more interesting.
  • I can also find some detail carving onto the birds. Overall, i like this one.

to be continue ….


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