Anthropologie-window display-part three-Special materials

25 Jun

  • The material is plastic water bottles and there are socks and the shirt hanging on the string attached across the water bottles.
  • The shape of the structure resembles an igloo.
  • It fake snow made of cotton balls covering the flower.


  • It like this one because it reminds me of spring.
  • They use corks as a material creating kaleidascope-like patterns in the background.
  • They chose similar colors and patterns for the clothes.
  • It also looks like a firework

  • The mannequin has ribbons draped  across her torso looking like a bird, showing a symbol of freedom against the sky-like background.
  • I like this background, it looks like a water color with washout colors of blue, green, and yellow.
  • On the background, there is a poster that depicts the lifestyle of someone who likes fashion.
  • Anthropologie uses a lot of patterns and it is very artsy, which is shown by the different shapes and patterns on the poster.
  • They also put a Chanel book on the desk underneath the poster because Anthropologie is a combination of fashion and art as far as I am concern.

  • It’s very geometric with bold colors.
  • They used wood to create the patterns.
  • In the center, they used more subdued colors.
  • They used both patterns and colors from the background on the clothes.
  • It looks like they use water color on their wall.

  • The main material is cork.
  • There is a signature of 2008, which represent the wine is of 2008 vintage. I assume that Anthropologie wants to bring the trend of 2008 to 2011.
  • I like they use colorful corks, which are very cute.
  • The corks on the blue background seem like to be a moon.

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