Macy’s -window display from March-Rock and mixed

25 Jun

        This picture was taken whenI just finish my class and on my way to go home. It draw my attention immediately when i walk by Macy.

  • I am personally into this kind of style. A leather coat mixes with a piece of chiffon dress, perfectly showing the contrast of the totally different materials. As we all know, leather is known for the hard material and on the other hand, chiffon is know for a soft material.
  • This window display shows a strong lifestyle of rock and roll.
  • I like how they organize the floor plan and they collect so many interesting pictures with different type of frames hanging on the wall.

This window display shows a lifestyle of their target of customers.

The background is an European flag, which helps the customers define a location where they want to go.

They create a stylish room with some luxurious furniture, including a table, a chair, and a hanging light.

  • Again, they mix rock style with floral dress, which showing a contrast concept to their target customers.
  • I like how they mix leather coat with flora dress, it indicate that people can find romantic theme in Europe yet also involves the concept of rock and roll.

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