3D Composition Worksheet-by Ariel –Chic simplicity of black and white

27 Jun




3D Composition Worksheet

Create by Ariel Pan


Originally, I was inspired by the concept of Minimalism, using only classic colors and sharp lines in the collection. My main colors are black and white, which are the color that never out of fashion.

Black and white


The clothes are structure, not something soft and smooth. The woman is Sensual, Strong, and Successful. She lives in a big city, has power, and takes decisions, sensual and feminine but not pushover.

Floor plan 
Lighting Plan

Mannequin Resource


  • Mannequin one: $287
  • Mannequin two: $273
  •  Mannequin three $287

 There will be three track lights, one in the left site, one is in the middle of the site, and the other is in the right side. It is the white lighting as well. The lighting will spot on three mannequins so as to highlight the main merchandise.

Prop Resource

  • A chair (TheodorE Alander)
  • A carpet (ABC CARPET)
  • A hanger (ABC FURNITURE)



Estimated Budget  
  1. Mannequin one
  1. Mannequin two
  1.   Mannequin three:
  1. Hanger mannequin one x2
  1.  A chair:
$ 1300
  1. Backdrop (20ft x 10 ft):
  1. aLPACA carpet:


  1. Lighting:
     Total Amount $10,317





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