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3D Composition Worksheet-by Ariel –Chic simplicity of black and white

27 Jun




3D Composition Worksheet

Create by Ariel Pan


Originally, I was inspired by the concept of Minimalism, using only classic colors and sharp lines in the collection. My main colors are black and white, which are the color that never out of fashion.

Black and white


The clothes are structure, not something soft and smooth. The woman is Sensual, Strong, and Successful. She lives in a big city, has power, and takes decisions, sensual and feminine but not pushover.

Floor plan 
Lighting Plan

Mannequin Resource


  • Mannequin one: $287
  • Mannequin two: $273
  •  Mannequin three $287

 There will be three track lights, one in the left site, one is in the middle of the site, and the other is in the right side. It is the white lighting as well. The lighting will spot on three mannequins so as to highlight the main merchandise.

Prop Resource

  • A chair (TheodorE Alander)
  • A carpet (ABC CARPET)
  • A hanger (ABC FURNITURE)



Estimated Budget  
  1. Mannequin one
  1. Mannequin two
  1.   Mannequin three:
  1. Hanger mannequin one x2
  1.  A chair:
$ 1300
  1. Backdrop (20ft x 10 ft):
  1. aLPACA carpet:


  1. Lighting:
     Total Amount $10,317





Gene Moore, Tiffany & Co., VP of Window Display

27 Jun
  • Gene Moore (1910 — November 23, 1998) was a leading window dresser of the 20th century. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, he moved to New York City in the 1930s. He worked for Bonwit Teller for sixteen years, then in 1955 joined Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue. He remained with the store for the remainder of his career. He retired at 84, as vice-president for window-display. He was a dear friend of Lighting Services Inc.
  • His creations were legend, from his thousands of Tiffany Windows to his hundreds of bejeweled circus and animal figurines. Along the way, he also painted, designed theatrical sets and costumes, designed museum and retail exhibitions, photographed, choreographed, played the piano, and wrote two books- “Windows at Tiffany’s” and “My Time at Tiffany’s”.
  • He was a master of lighting, receiving the prestigious Illuminating Engineering Society Lumen Award in 1976. He was the first to use miniature white lights draped on outdoor trees creating a new exciting sparkle of lights that is as magic today as it was then. He was the first to use a hidden ground row of blue light to bathe the back walls of his displays. He was a genius in manipulating light and color to beautifully accent his wonderful window designs stating “Lighting is at least 50 percent of the success of a display.” He always used low voltage pinspots for the key lighting in all his windows with as little fill lighting as needed to give him the exact kinds of drama and contrast “to stop people in their tracks and make them smile, laugh, and be happy.”
  • He has influenced and inspired untold numbers of window designers and creative artists all around the world by his refusal to do the ordinary and expected, instead choosing his own unique and original paths to express his special talents. He has shown that with imagination, innovation, scale, surprise, and humor, even an everyday display can be memorable and achieve a sense of beauty, delight, and wonderment.
  • Our special friend and associate Gene Moore died in November 1998 at the age of 88. In his memory, we are honored to change the name of his favorite color, 933 Ice Blue, to Gene Moore Blue.

  •      I like this window display because it is not too complicated, yet it’s very interesting – bird with diamond necklace!! The story is about a bird tried to pull the diamond necklace out because he/she thought it is a worm. It is interesting because for bird, worm is their food and they consider it as their treasure. Like human, we consider diamond as a treasure and it is definitely eye-catching whenever we see it. The pendants are in the similar shapes of the fruits on the floor. The branches are just like the chain. There are two geometric bracelets on the fruits, which made of silver.  I like the whole concept of this window dressing because it looks nature and it reminds me that spring is coming soon.

I particularly like this window display because of its futuristic colors and its simplicity.

From far away, you cannot even tell what is it but upon closer inspection, you realize it’s pearls and the lighting creates beautiful effect. The different shade gives it a very magical and whimsical feel.It’s go to show how important lighting is in window display.

Macy’s flower show 2011

27 Jun

Spring is in bloom at the annual Macy’s Flower Show! Step into
Towers of Flowers and discover a magical world of soaring
floral architecture, magnificent rolling landscapes and specialty
gardens bursting with color, fragrance and imagination.

I have never seem this kind of flower show in Taiwan and it is really interesting to me.

Everyday, the tourists and the citizens in New York drop by  Macy’s because of their flower show.

They use fresh flowers as main decoration and create a theme of spring. People can also listen to the instruction from the radio or the instructors in certain time, which seems to be very professional.

People will willing to go to Macy’s to see special show and at the same time do some shopping inside the store.In this way, they can increase their sales rate as well.

I like this display so much. They uses red rose and green leaf to create a wedding dress. It is really awesome!

This one s also very cool.

They use Florists Chrysanthemum as a main decoration, and create top and the dress .
Detail description :

Antebellum Garden
Featured along the main aisle, this new garden is inspired by the flora of the American Southeast. Transport yourself to the gardens of Charleston, Savannah and Atlanta as you take in the palmetto palms, dogwoods, gardenias, magnolias and camellias.

Japanese Garden
Presented by Carnegie Hall’s Japan NYC Festival, the Japanese garden, located along the 35th street aisle, is a quiet, peaceful space featuring plants, materials and design from the Far East. Look forward to seeing different kinds of bamboo, heavenly palms, azaleas, pines, cypress and mums. Presented by Carnegie Hall Japan NYC.

Tropical Garden
A celebration of the earth’s bounty to humanity, the Tropical Garden features trees and shrubs that grow in equatorial areas around the world and produce everyday delicacies such as cacao (chocolate), coffee, kumquats, mangos, sugar cane, citrus, papayas and bananas.

Hydrangea Garden
One of the most beloved flowers of spring, the beautifully big and colorful hydrangea gets its very own garden in the 34th street aisle. Enjoy a gorgeous variety of this crowd favorite including hydrangea trees, oak leaf hydrangeas, lacecap hydrangeas, viburnums opulus, nikko blue and endless summer hydrangeas.

Desert Garden
If you can stand the heat, head over to our cactus and succulent garden. An array of unusual beauties from hot, dry and arid regions, this garden features barrel cactus, euphorbia, kalanchoe, air plants, saguaro cactus and more.

Macy’s -window display from March-Rock and mixed

25 Jun

        This picture was taken whenI just finish my class and on my way to go home. It draw my attention immediately when i walk by Macy.

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Bloomingdales- window display from at Feb.2011–Color inspiration

25 Jun

  • This photo was taken at March 2011, I like how they use different colors to create various kind of mood. The main color of this one is red.Everything is decoration in red.
  • The white closets and floor pop out the color red.

  • The main color of this window display is indigo and blue.
  • Unlike red, creates a joyful atmosphere, blue and indigo make people feel elegant and mature.
  • Some people also believe that Blue also means that you like kisses and you like being adored.

  • The main color of this window display is green.
  • Green is the color of nature, fertility, and life.In addition , it is also the color of balance, learning,growth, and harmony.
  • Green is a safe color and one of my teacher in accessory survey told me that green consider to be unforgettable in fashion field.
  • If you don’t know what color you would like to use, then green can be your best choice.

  • The main color of this window is yellow.
  • Mainly yellow is the color of sunshine. It’s associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.
  • Young women in former times would tie yellow ribbons in their hair. They would wear a ribbon in a pledge of faithfulness to the one they love but the yellow rose is purely a symbol for friendship and not romantic like other roses.
  • This window display  draw people’s attention immediately because of its bright color. It targets younger to impulse buy.

  • Inside the department store, the main color becomes black and white, which is very modern, which resemble a high-end department store.

Louis Vuitton -window display-Luxury + Creativity

25 Jun

  • The main colors are gold and silver.
  • The colors meet the concept of  luxury, which demonstrates the brand image.
  • The layout of the display shows a lifestyle of Louis Vuitton’s women- elegant, professional, and independent.
  • The Louis Vuitton bag is on the left side of the display, which is with the same color to the background.
  • I like it because it looks really like a high-end brand.

  • This window was displayed by the New Year for 2011. I was impressing when i shopped at 5th Ave last December.
  • Louis Vuitton has installed a show or street stopper.
  • The theme is related to Chines’ traditional symbol, which called twelve animals.Each of the twelve animals symbolizing the Twelve Branched used to designate years, according to lunar calendar.

I just want to pick up several showcases that I like most

Although owl is not including to the Twelve Animal, they also put it into the showcase. And this is my favorite one.

Which one is your favorite ??

Anthropologie-window display-part three-Special materials

25 Jun

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