Anthropologie window display-The concept of Romance- Part two

25 Jun

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Anthropologie Window Display–The concept of Romance-part one

24 Jun

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An introduction about visual merchandising

23 Jun










Do you believe that visual display can make women impulse buy??

Visual display is an art,

Visual display is knowledge,

Visual display is a silence communication…

The best way to tell people  what is going on the trend..

The best persuader and promoter


Visual merchandising should make the product easily accessible, interesting and special to attract the most customers. Use visual merchandising to gain more sales is the purpose of the display.

By google what the purpose of visual merchandising, i found several answers through the website.

Merchandise presentation refers to most basic ways of presenting merchandise in an orderly, understandable, ’easy to shop’ and ‘find the product’ format. 

VM helps in:

  • Educating the customers about the product/service in an effective and creative way.
  • Establishing a creative medium to present merchandise in 3D environment, thereby enabling long lasting impact and recall value.
  • Setting the company apart in an exclusive position.
  • Establishing linkage between fashion, product design and marketing by keeping the product in prime focus.
  • Combining the creative, technical and operational aspects of a product and the business.
  • Drawing the attention of the customer to enable him to take purchase decision within shortest possible time, and thus augmenting the selling process.